Lazy Girl’s Guide to Awesome Austin Art

Planning a trip to Austin Texas? I’ve got you covered on where to find some pretty sweet murals sure to get plenty of likes on your IG.

Whether it’s the mouthwatering BBQ, the unique music, or the overall accepted weirdness, there is plenty to do in Austin. I loved visiting this city because you still get some of that “Everything is bigger in Texas” vibe with a more hipster, urban twist. And of course, the city is covered in beautiful colorful murals.

Here’s a list of a few of my favorites and where to find them!

I love you so much!


This mural provides a two for one. Not only do you get a great insta pic, but you also get some uh-maze-ing coffee at Jo’s Coffee off South Congress.



If just being in Austin doesn’t put a smile on your face, this street art should do the trick. Butter up your loved one with a pic of this mural located on E MLK Blvd.

Love from Austin


Not far from Jo’s is Magnolia Café, which is where you’ll find this ever so popular mural. This is off South Congress as well.

Willie for President


If you’re a Willie Nelson fan (and even if you’re not) you won’t be able to resist snagging a pic with this legend! The Willie mural is found just off of South Congress on east Elizabeth street.

Greetings From Austin

post card

Finally, if you’re doing all the touristy things you can’t forget to send a post card! This mural is your chance to grab a snap of a millennial’s version of a postcard. It’s located at South 1st and Annie Street, on the side of Roadhouse Relics.

Have some favorites I forgot to mention? Comment below so I can check them out on my next trip to Austin!
Know other cities with some rad street art? Comment below so I can add these places to my travel list.
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