Pura Vida With My Amigas

  Bachelorette parties can be pretty difficult to plan, especially when you're trying to travel out of the country with eight women. 37f4cd4eab2dd648bb726d4501c8cfdf90822b8e46e0b692db I mean just think about it, a group of eight women, that’s eight different opinions, personalities, budgets…sounds like a nightmare. Fortunately for me, my boyfriend recommended using a company called BIDO “Before [...]

NeuLash New You!?

Raise your hand if you have personally been victimized by lash extensions... well you are not alone! A month ago, I decided I wanted long luscious lashes like all those girls on Instagram. I did some research and had my beautiful lash extensions done. I was IN LOVE with them. There's nothing better than waking up [...]

Tips to Working Out in The AM

If you're a girl boss that's always on the go, or just a lazy girl, finding the motivation to get up in the mornings for a work out can be difficult. But lets face it, whether you're too lazy or too busy, staying active is an important ingredient for overall health and wellness. Morning workouts [...]